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Warhammer Online Twister Addon


Twister is an aura-twisting helper for Chosen and Knights of the Burning Sun. It allows you to specify up to 3 auras that should be sequenced. Its display will show you what aura is currently active, and what auras are fading/expired. Any aura icon can be clicked to refresh (or in the case of the active aura, deactivate) that aura. The currently active aura is shown larger on the left side of Twister's rough, auras which are about to expire will turn red as they near the end of the trough, and the longest-expired aura is shown at the far right side of Twister's trough. The trough's background will turn blue when you're able to cast another aura.

In addition, you can specify a hot bar binding number (from 1 to 120, defaults to 119) to bind to Twister, after which pressing the key bound to that hotbar binding will activate the next aura in the sequence (Twister is smart enough to only activate this keybinding when the shared aura cooldown is not active, meaning that you shouldn't get many ability not ready yet spam messages if you hit the key while the cooldown is still going). The hot bar binding number you choose does not necessarily have to be one that is associated with a visible action bar (as you may have guessed from the default value of 119).

To set up which auras (and which button #) Twister should use, simply right-click anywhere on its display. Then drag auras from your abilities window to the 3 squares, and/or change the button number in its edit box.

To save or load sets of auras, use the following commands:

  • /script Twister.SaveSet(setnamehere)
  • /script Twister.LoadSet(setnamehere)

Either command can be macro'd if desired (especially useful for loading sets).

Twister's display will only be visible (and Twister will only be active) when the current character is a KotBS o