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Warhammer Online State of Realm Addon


State of Realm keeps track of a variety of RvR information, and allows you to broadcast to Region, Party and Warband (Party/Warband is hidden if your not in one). It also now will put the name of an item you click on into your text bar so no longer do you have to type The Temple of Unspeakable Suffering and Torture in the middle of combat you can just click to put it into your message

I'm aware that some of you are not very used to messing around with mods so if you want to move or resize State of Realm go into Customize Interface, select Layout Editor and then Start Editing. Then you can drag the mod to wherever you want it. The Anchors for the seperate parts (When undocked) are also able to be moved and resized in the Layout Editor and are called 'State Of Realm Pager' and 'Objective Timers' as is the Button when it's not attached to the Minimap under the name 'SOR Button'. If you need to bring up the Options window, right click on the little button.

It is split into the following parts.

Options Button: The module has a button that can be attached to the Minimap, Left Clicking this will toggle hide the module, Right Clicking brings up a new Options menu. If you have LibSlash you can also bring this up using /sor