MMO Addons

Warhammer Online Phantom Addon


Phantom is a tool to hide portions of the default unit frames in WAR (and/or the associated default buff frames). It is a wrapper around PhantomLib, which provides the core functionality (and can be integrated into other unit frame addons if desired, for use independently of the GUI Phantom provides.

If you have LibSlash installed, use /phantom to open the settings window. If not, use /script Phantom.Show() to open it.

Current things Phantom (and thus PhantomLib) can hide from the default UI:

  • Player status frame
  • Player buffs
  • Group status frames
  • Group buffs
  • Target status frames
  • Target buffs
  • Warband status frames
  • Scenario group status frames
  • Pet status frame
  • Pet stance control
  • Pet action bar
  • Main Assist button
  • Action Bar lock button
  • Social Window heads button
  • Influence bar
  • Any of the 4 action bars
  • Stance bar
  • Any of the extra elements of the minimap