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Warhammer Online Enemy Addon


This addon provides couple of features to help organized group of players during RvR/PvE combat. So you better get it and install it so you can get the best out of your gaming experience by winning all you get it.

  • Creates hidden chat channel (called intercom channel or intercom) for internal communication with others
  • Allows broadcasting target to intercom channel and change your target to the last target being broadcasted.
  • Tracks down RvR kills in current zone and show informational window with kill/death statistics for players (called zone kill stats window)
  • Tracks player personal kill/death ratio (player KDR) both for current zone and global (until player manually resets it using KDR window context menu)
  • Allows you to create custom graphical mark presets (templates) and mark players with them
  • Shows icons above heads of all players in your group (clicking on icons will target corresponding groupmate) and warband/scenario.
  • Custom, reliable and fast and fully customizable unitframes which supports:
    • click casting
    • range displaying
    • los/distant fading
    • morale indication
    • fully configurable any part of unitframe - from career icon to background frame
    • career/archetype/level based colored hp bar
    • faster than some other popular unitframes addons player status update
    • group sorting by archetypes (if you use groupmates targeting with keyboard then please read explained notes about unit frames below)
  • Fully customizable unitframes effects indicators (like Aura addon, but for unitframes and more customizable, see details below)
  • Big clear mark over the player head you guarding (and guard indicator on unitframes) and who guarded you (only abailable if you're in one intercom channel with your