MMO Addons

  • Ovo's rustic pack Minecraft

    Hand painted!
    - Close to the original textures so that what you see is similar to what others see with the base textures.
    - Blocks 98% done. Some items and mobs. HD font
    - Wild Gr... More Info

  • RecastBox Rift

    An ability recast time tracker with persistant pinning. This plugin creates bars for each ability on cooldown. Left clicking an ability will pin or unpin it. Pinned abilites are highlighted in blue an... More Info

  • Yessh Lord of The Rings Online

    Updated version of my old Yessh one

    Version 2.5 is for US players only.
    For Europe use 2.4 or below.

    This is a minimalistic Wowish like ski... More Info

  • Honor Info Allods Online

    Honor Info - places a small window below players portraits that displays combat glory info

    1. To install, unzip into "gpotato > allods online > data > mod... More Info

  • Deadly Boss Mods World of Warcraft

    This addon has become a standard nowadays due to its heplful info, it warns you each time an event is triggered in a boss encounter, so you can prepare and react even before it begins.

    •B... More Info

About MMO Addons

MMO Addons always brings the top downloaded & used addons together to offer you a single web to download their latest and official versions, just choose a free to play games, category and go to an addon profile, there you will find a detailed description about how it works, and screenshots to see how it looks. Downloading your favourite MMORPG addons is just few clicks away now.